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Application Procedures:

We are currently enrolling students for 2013. Please complete the application form below and submit to the school with the applicants latest school report.

Enrolment Form


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Christchurch Girls’ High School recognises that, due to circumstances beyond her control, an international student may have to withdraw from the school during the school year.


1. To ensure that international students fully understand the consequences of withdrawing from CGHS during the school year.
2. To ensure that the system in regard to refunds of fees is fair and reasonable.
3. To take account of the budgetary considerations arising from a withdrawal during the school year.

Tuition Fees:

In order to be eligible for any refund of Tuition Fees an application must be made in writing to The Principal Pauline Duthie, Christchurch Girls’ High School.

  • If a student wishes to withdraw after the payment of Tuition Fees and before starting at CGHS the maximum refund available is:  Tuition Fees minus 10% of the annual tuition fees.
  • If the student wishes to withdraw between the first school day of Term 1 and the last school day of Term 1 CGHS will retain Term 1 and 2 Tuition Fees plus 10% of the annual tuition fees.

NO refund will be made for any student who withdraws after the last school day of Term 1.

NO refund will be made at any time for students who are asked to leave the school because of misbehavior or poor attendance.

NO refund will be made at any time for students who wish to transfer to another school in New Zealand.

NO refunds will be made at any time to students who return home for any reason other than the student’s serious illness or death/serious illness of a parent or sibling only. Medical evidence must be provided.

NO refund will be made at any time to students who acquire Permanent Residence Status in any form (PR, visa, a parent work or study permit) after having enrolled here. Please note any student who acquires Permanent Residence status in any form must live in the CGHS zone if she wishes to continue studying at this school.

NO refund will be made at any time where it is found that the Agent/Parent/Student has withheld important information relevant to the enrolment e.g. that the student has been asked to leave her previous school. CGHS reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrolment with no entitlement to a refund of tuition fees.

In order to be eligible for any refund the student must apply in writing to the Principal, setting out the special circumstances of the claim.

Please be sure that you fully understand the Christchurch Girls’ High School Fee Refund Policy for International Students.

Immigration New Zealand Requirements for Studying

To get a visa or permit to study in New Zealand you must meet our requirements for international students.  The course you intend to undertake must also meet our requirements.

Offer of a place
To get a student visa, you need to have an offer of a place from a New Zealand education provider.  The offer must include:

  • The name of the course and the minimum time required for completing it, and
  • Proof that the course and course provider meet New Zealander’s requirements for international students
  • The amount of the fee for the complete course, or if the course is longer than one year, the annual fee
  • Whether you have to pay course fees and whether the fees are domestic or foreign fees
  • Whether you are studying full-time or part-time.

Your course must be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Permit requirements
Once you have a student permit, you must meet certain conditions during your stay:

  • You must attend the place of study noted in your permit, However, you can apply to us to change your course or institution.
  • If you have to be accompanied by a guardian, you must live with that person.
  • You must be able to show that you are passing your course.
  • You may only undertake work allowed by your student permit.
  • You must obey New Zealand's laws.
  • You must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your permit.

If you break any of these conditions we may revoke your permit.

Insurance Requirements
Most International students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on their website at

Accident Compensation Corporation
The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website at

Medical and Travel Insurance
International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. This is a requirement under The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

International students may purchase their own insurance or the school will purchase on their behalf. 

It should be noted that costs such as medical treatment in New Zealand and medical evacuation or repatriation can be prohibitive. It is therefore imperative that sums insured for these benefits should be set at an appropriately high figure - ideally, this figure should be unlimited although the school will allow figures that it deems to be sufficiently high.  
Below is the suggested minimum content for appropriate insurance policies according to the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students.

The policy should:

a. Commence the minute the student leaves home for the airport on their way to New Zealand.
b. Apply while in transit.
c. Apply while the student is in New Zealand.
d. Cover the student for any trips to other countries during the period of study.
e. Cover the student for any holidays back to their home country during the period of study.

High Sums Insured and Medical Benefits
"Sums insured" is the money available in the event of a claim. It is imperative that the sums insured are very high so they will not be exceeded in any possible claim. Current policies range from $600,000 to "unlimited cover". In order to "future proof’ policies, sums insured of one million dollars plus are recommended.

Emergency Evacuation / Repatriation
Repatriation represents the costs of getting the student home. The benefit works two ways:

  1. If the student becomes seriously ill or injured and needs to be accompanied home (either alive or deceased) with medical professionals, these costs are met by the insurance.
  2. If members of the student's immediate* family living overseas become critically ill or die, the policy will fly the student home, and then back to New Zealand to complete their studies.

Ideally, the policy should have ‘unlimited cover’ as very large sums can be incurred in these situations.

Insurance policies for International students should be obtained from companies with a credit rating no lower than A from Standard and Poors, or B+ from AM Best.

If the insurer is an overseas company, the school requires students to provide policy details in English so that it may ensure that all the necessary requirements are met.

If, prior to enrolment, it is decided that a student does not have adequate insurance, the student will be required to take out additional cover to meet the standards set down by the school.

(*immediate family is the mother, father, brother or sister).