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The House system, introduced in 1922, fosters school spirit, a strong sense of community and is a source of immense enjoyment and friendly rivalry among the students across the year levels. All students belong to a House. Our six Houses are named after prominent Cantabrians: Connon (white), Deans (yellow), Harper (red), Rolleston (blue), Selwyn (green) and Sheppard (purple). Highlights of the calendar include the annual swimming and athletic sports, lip sync and numerous competitive events such as House choir, netball and ripper rugby. House chants, creative costumes and hard-fought relays are the stand-out features of the annual whole school sports days. The Houses also emphasise service. An annual Can-Drive for the City Mission and one other school-wide House charity are essential components of the House system.

You will be placed in one of six Houses, either Harper, Sheppard, Selwyn, Deans, Connon or Rolleston. Each House has a House Prefect and a Deputy House Leader. Houses meet two – three times each term to catch up on House news and to arrange House activities.  You will stay in your House throughout your time at CGHS. Staff also belong to a House and they will support you in your activities. Each year there is a competition for the best House i.e. the House with the highest number of House points.  House points are awarded in the classroom and out of the classroom for participation and achievement in inter-House activities. Activities during the year include Swimming sports Athletics sports Cross country House Quiz Lip Sync Netball Ripper Rugby Various lunchtime inter-House activities A great way to get to know students from other classes and other levels is to get involved in House activities.  Mrs O’Connor