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Bachelor of Banking, Finance and Technology

New for 2024; Bachelor of Banking, Finance and Technology


Waikato’s new BBFinTech degree will equip you for a career in the cutting-edge world of fintech, where technology-led innovations like blockchain, artificial intelligence and crytpo are transforming the banking and finance sectors.

Students will gain expertise in financial markets, digital finance, banking operations, automated trading, as well as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity.

They will also look at the growing popularity of impact investing, where people invest into a profitable business (such as forestry or solar power) that aims to achieve social or environmental goals, while still generating a financial return.

Students will develop strong skills in financial analysis and modelling, risk assessment, data management, business analytics and financial econometrics.

Why study fintech?

In the last decade, the digitisation of global financial systems has led to the meteoric growth of new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies (eg. Bitcoin). These innovations are transforming the way that people exchange financial data to pay for goods and services.

Artificial intelligence has also made it possible to automatically trade financial assets (eg. stocks and bonds) using computer algorithms, which analyse real-time data, make decisions, and quickly execute trades.

The fintech revolution means that global financial transactions are faster, cheaper, more secure, and 100% traceable. Systems are constantly evolving, creating new opportunities, risks and rewards for market players and regulators alike.

Diverse career opportunities

Graduates of the BBFinTech will be work-ready, and attractive to a wide range of employers:

  • Retail banks that rely on digital operations and new business models to thrive and grow

  • Investment banks that are innovating their products and services

  • Fintech start-ups who are creating new products and services and disrupting the finance sector

  • Central banks (eg. Reserve Bank of NZ) that are developing and regulating digital currencies

  • Consulting firms that deal with the financial sector

  • Large firms with sophisticated finance teams

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