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Bachelor of Global Studies at University of Waikato

New for 2024 at the University of Waikato;
Bachelor of Global Studies

Bachelor of Global Studies

Waikato’s brand-new Bachelor of Global Studies (BGS) degree will set you up to play a pivotal role in addressing pressing global issues, fostering cooperation on a global scale, and contributing to innovative solutions for global businesses. From exploring diverse cultures, influencing global diplomacy, or making a meaningful impact through organisations – the possibilities are endless.

Within this specialised three-year degree, you’ll develop core knowledge and skills in intercultural communication, business strategy and global relations, allowing you to effectively negotiate and navigate diversity, particularly in organisations that span the globe. You will also study a language to help you thrive in different countries & cultures.

This core is enhanced by one of five specialised majors, each with its own unique focus and global perspective, to equip you to become a world-class expert in your chosen area.  The five majors are:

  • Global Arts

  • Global Markets

  • Human Rights

  • International Languages and Cultures

  • International Relations

You’ll also have the option to take a second major and/or a minor from any part of the university.

For the International Languages and Cultures major, there are four languages available – French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese and these can be studied from beginners to advanced.

Career opportunities

  • Diplomat or Foreign Service Officer: Representing one’s country abroad, negotiating treaties, and promoting diplomatic relations

  • Analyst in a Global Business: Helping solve problems and support businesses in the exciting world of international markets.

  • Development Project Manager: Overseeing international development projects for NGOs, government agencies, or international organisations.

  • Human Rights Advocate: Advocating for human rights and social justice, working with NGOs or advocacy groups.

  • Policy Analyst: Researching and analysing international policies and their impact, often for government agencies or think tanks.

  • International Correspondent: Reporting on global events and issues for international media outlets.

  • Global Policy Specialist: Working on global initiatives, managing programs, and addressing disparities worldwide.

  • English Language Instructor Abroad: Teaching English as a second language overseas or as part of international education programs.

  • Tourism Manager: Coordinates activities within the tourism industry to enhance customer experiences

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