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Civil Contractors Careers Road Map

A new Careers Road Map to explore careers in the Civil Contracting world

A new interactive careers roadmap has been launched by Civil Contractors New Zealand to showcase the different opportunities in the civil construction industry and inspire school leavers and other career seekers to explore them.

The digital CCNZ Careers Roadmap allows people to discover more than 50 different civil construction careers and understand what each involves, the skills or certifications they might need in work in the role, and future career opportunities the role can lead to.

Links to training providers are embedded in the roadmap to make it easy for career seekers to take the first step into the civil construction industry, along with inspiring worker videos and articles to help bring different roles to life.

Rebecca Fox, Workforce Development Manager at CCNZ encourages everyone to have a go with this map and use it as the basis for any career conversation to see what people are interested in.  Many of the roles on the map are ones that exist across other sectors, some of course are sector specific.  For all students that are kinaesthetic, or really not sure what they want to do this is a great tool. 

Rebecca can be contacted at or  027 211 6317

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