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Cup & Show Week Work Opportunities

Employer: Mulit Events


Riccarton: Saturday 11th Nov – 9:30am – 7pm (times tbc)

Addington: Tuesday 14th Nov – 9am – 6pm (times tbc)

Riccarton: Wednesday 15th Nov – 9:30am – 7pm (times tbc)

Riccarton: Saturday 18th Nov – 9:30am – 7pm (times tbc)


Riccarton Raceway: 165 Racecourse Road, Sockburn

Addington Raceway: 75 Jack Hinton Road, Addington


The job requires a variety of jobs.

Bar Work – Must be 18 years old or above

  • Preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for customers

  • Opening cans and pouring drinks into cups

  • Stocking the containers with beverages and ice

  • Interact with customers and take their orders using hand held eftpos machines

  • Restock and replenish the bar stock from the chiller containers/trucks

  • Comply with all beverage regulations

  • Picking up rubbish behind and around the bar throughout and at the end of the night

  • Filling up water containers, for the water stations at the bar

Front of House Work – 15 years old or above

  • Accepting and informing the relevant staff about food and beverage requests

  • Clearing glassware, silverware and crockery from each table once guests have completed their meals, or upon their request

  • Keeping the grounds tidy by picking up any waste left around throughout your shift

  • Providing the guests with their requested meals

  • Wiping down tables and other surfaces

  • Ensure guests stay safe in their area


  • Providing the guests with their requested meals

  • Tidy plain black buttoned, long sleeve shirt.

  • Tidy plain black long pants (this is not track pants, leggings, jeans).

  • Tidy plain black covered shoes (this is not jandals, gumboots, white shoes etc).

  • No jewellery unless it is cultural or religious. If you have jewellery that can not be removed, please replace it with a clear piercing.

  • No visible tattoos unless cultural or religious.

  • Hair must be tied back appropriately and tidily away from your face.

  • All facial hair must be groomed, trimmed and tidy.


Starting Pay Rate: $22.70 +8% Holiday Pay

Please let me know if you have any questions or are able to help us with this event by emailing out our advertisement. Contact me via email:

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