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First Foundation Scholarship

First Foundation assists academically talented and financially disadvantaged students across Aotearoa to achieve their potential through tertiary education .

First Foundation Scholarship

The First Foundation programme is much more than a scholarship. Not only will you get financial help, you’ll have a dedicated mentor who’ll be there for you along the way – so even if you’re the first in your family to go to university, you’ll have support from someone who’s been there before. Plus, you’ll get paid work experience to grow your skills, giving you access to the professional networks most people rely on for work opportunities.

Below is some key information & dates for the Scholar Application Process. We will send out another email when the applications open.  Approximately a week before each stage closes, we will send a reminder email which includes what is involved in the next step. 


  • Exceptional rangatahi who are in year 12 

  • Academic Ability: Overall Merit or Excellence endorsement at level 1 

  • Household Income: $75k or less for 1-2 dependents or $90k or less for 3+ dependents  

  • NZ Resident or Citizen 

  • First in their family to go to university 

      more info on application-criteria  

19 February- 17 March: Applications Open- Stage 1a Expression of Interest 
18 March-14 April: Stage 1b-Evidence Gathering 
29 April- 19 May: Stage 2- Additional Information 
27 May-9 June: Stage 3- Interview 
22 July-29 September: Stage 4- Scholar Matching 
At the end of each stage rangatahi will be notified by emailed if they have been successful or unsuccessful in making it to the next stage. We will also email you, updating you on which of your rangatahi have been successful and what support they may require from you during each stage.  

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