Christchurch Girls' High School values cultural diversity and the histories and traditions of all peoples. In this spirit, international students are warmly welcomed. Christchurch Girls' High School is home to an international student population from a variety of countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Argentina, Russia and Germany.

A Christchurch Girls' education helps to build strong connections and friendships.

As a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, Christchurch Girls' High School is bound by its practices.

International students' needs are cared for by our International Department. We welcome any inquiries. 

Copies of the Code are available from NZQA and summary pamphlets are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.  

New from 2016! The following awards are available and each is worth a total of NZ$1000:

- 3 Sports Scholarships

- 3 Music Scholarships

- 3 Academic Scholarships 

For an overview of Christchurch Girls' High School view our Meet Us video on the home page.