Who We Are
Founded in 1877, Christchurch Girls' High School benefits greatly from 137 years of proud educational achievement. The second oldest single sex girls' school in New Zealand, Christchurch Girls' High School is the largest girls' high school in Christchurch and one of the most successful schools nationally.

Our Community

Christchurch Girls' High School is enriched by the strong sense of connectedness between school and community. Students, staff, parents/caregivers and Old Girls all interact purposefully with the school. Links are deliberately forged with organisations, agencies and businesses beyond the school grounds.

The student body is drawn predominately from Christchurch but, because of the boarding element, students also come from across the South Island and the Chatham Islands. A Decile 9 school, an enrolment scheme and zone have been in place since 2000. Approximately 38% students come from out of zone and the school has a 75% market share of in zone enrolments. An international fee paying student body of up to 5% of the school roll is also accepted.

10% of the students identify as Maori, 2% as Pasifika and 12 % as Asian. The majority identify as European New Zealanders. In addition to international fee paying students, the school hosts students from around the world on exchange.

The Old Girls' branches throughout New Zealand maintain close contact with the school and each year reunions of year groups are held where memories are relived and contacts renewed.

The Parent Teacher Association vision of "by the parents; for the girls" only strengthens the links between school and home.

Our entire school community expects students to work hard, strive for success and achieve national qualifications. They believe firmly in single sex education and value high expectations in terms of performance and discipline. The community wants a holistic approach to education that offers sporting, cultural and service opportunities as well as academic. They want a stimulating and supportive environment in which students are encouraged to develop to their full potential.

One of the many ways our community keeps informed about events is through the school newsletters.