The Christchurch High School Old Girls' Association was founded in 1900. In 2015, the aim of the Association is to foster and keep alive amongst past and present pupils and staff, a remembrance of the school and Acland House and to take an active interest in their welfare. It endorses the school philosophy, which believes that academic achievement should be encouraged, love of learning should be nurtured, and young women should be empowered to make the best use of their opportunities and talents.

The Association has members in Christchurch and 7 branches throughout New Zealand. It administers the Memorial Prizes, presented to keep alive the memory of past teachers and students, and has made many other contributions to the school and Acland House over the years. Staying connected through the Old Girls’ Association provides:

  • The opportunity to renew and continue school and boarding friendships;
  • Continued contact with the school community, news, activities and support for the future of the school;
  • Links with branches throughout the country

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