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Portfolio Teenage Workshop

Portfolio runs an exciting Teenage School Holiday Workshop

Our Teenage Workshops are a great educational platform for confidence, self-esteem, deportment, health, nutrition, and all things that a teenager needs and loves.

Situated in the central city of Christchurch, Portfolio is the South Island and Christchurch’s premier Agency and Modelling School having provided the local, national and international industry with top quality and professional talent since 1992 when the Agency was first established. Our Agency is fully equipped with a catwalk, outdoor courtyard, easy access, front door parking, and plenty of space for meetings and castings. Director Mel Radford Brown was one of the first models on the books at Portfolio when the agency first opened in 1992,

The course is hosted by a Portfolio Representative/Model Radford Brown (Owner/Director) with over 29 years of experience hands-on in the industry. From NZ/Australia to the UK. This vital experience is highly necessary to hand over to the young teens in many aspects and content is created by Mel of our course.

Students receive a Portfolio Certificate (Ideal for CV’s) and professional digital images at the conclusion of the course. The images are worth approx $150 per student alone. Goody Bags provided to the Teens are of a high value and include vouchers and samples from top sponsors. Our Workshops also provide a fantastic platform and opportunity to be signed by Portfolio ‘The South Islands’ Premier Agency’ . We always keep an eye out for great new faces on our courses.

T H E C O U R S E C O V E R S T H E F O L L O W I N G: makeup application/demonstration hair care skincare/beauty grooming tips/presentation fashion styling deportment/confidence/self esteem catwalk show etiquette health/fitness/nutrition motivation/life skills photographic posing professional photo shoot/images

Portfolio Model Agency (Est. 1993)

Christchurch’s Premier Agency & Modelling School 

275 Cashel Street, Unit 6 |Christchurch, New Zealand

+64 33799011 | +64 275663359 | 

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