Opportunities in Sport and Recreation

Archery This sport runs for the whole year and caters for beginners and experienced students. Expert tuition is provided.

Athletics Athletes generally come to school already members of clubs with coaches. Senior students (athletes themselves) are able to provide coaching in track or field events if required. Junior athletes in track and field may qualify for a Merit Sports Colours Certificate.

Badminton This sport caters for all skill levels. Coaching occurs at school.

Basketball Basketball is a winter sport and is played in Terms 2 and 3. The senior A team has been very successful over the past 10 years, winning the National Secondary Schools' title twice.

Bowls This is played during Terms 1 and 4 as part of the Secondary Schools' competition. This sport caters for both experienced players and those who would like to learn. Coaching sessions and matches are held at local bowling clubs.

Competitive Aerobics This sport caters for all levels of ability and experience, and you can participate either as an individual, pair or as a team. Competitors can learn routines through the school or from outside coaches. For the last six years this group has won the Top School Award at Regionals and Nationals.

Cricket This is a summer sport and is played against other secondary schools' girls teams. The 1st XI also play in the NZCT National Secondary School tournament.

Croquet Croquet is a summer sport enjoyed by a growing number of students. They go to the United Lawn Bowls Club in Hagley Park for practice/coaching/competition and compete in inter-school fixtures.

Cross-country/Road Racing Participation in school cross-country is compulsory for Years 9 and 10. Top 10 place-getters in each grade may elect to run in the inter-secondary competition, both Road Race and cross-country.

Cycling The cycling team has experienced a recent growth in numbers. Keen cyclists at all levels, with any sort of bicycle are welcome.

Equestrian Do you have a horse in need of competition? Christchurch Girls' High School has keen riders and we compete in a selection of events throughout the year.

Fencing Held in Terms 2 and 3 at Christchurch Boys' High School, professional coaching is provided for participants, who may then choose to attend tournaments.

Fitness The school operates a small but well equipped weights room which is available at lunchtimes and before/after school. Students must attend two training sessions on the correct procedures for use of equipment and exercise techniques before being able to use this room. Students may also attend fitness classes (weights, circuits, aerobics) before school.

Football Football continues to grow in popularity with teams formed to suit all levels of ability and interest. The 1st XI plays in the premier Christchurch competition, and all other teams also play in the inter-school competition.

Golf There is an opportunity for girls to have golf coaching sessions which are held at Hagley Park. If there are a sufficient number of experienced golfers a team is entered in the Secondary School Championships.

Gymsports This sport involves trampolining, artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. Anyone can join this club with the experienced gymnasts encouraged to coach. Students can represent the school at the Canterbury Championships.

Hockey CGHS Hockey Club is administered by parents and a staff representative. Trials to select teams are held at the beginning of Term 1. Juniors are eligible for, and have been selected for premier and premier reserve teams for some years. Our 1st XI and 2nd XI teams participate in national hockey tournaments.

Indoor Football This is played in Terms 1 and 4 as part of the Christchurch Secondary Schools' programme.

Indoor Netball This is played in Terms 1 and 4 on Wednesdays as part of the Christchurch Secondary Sports programme.

Lifesaving There is a long history of lifesaving success at CGHS. Year 9 students are encouraged to qualify for the Bronze Star Award. Senior students may seek qualifications as instructors, and participate in the Monica Thacker annual competitions.

Multisports This covers multisport, triathlon and duathlon events and includes both team and individual races.

Netball A large number of the 23 school netball teams are junior teams. All juniors who would like to play netball are allocated a team. The CGHS Netball Club is administered by a committee of parents, the teacher-in-charge, past pupils and two student leaders. Girls can be players as well as umpires and coaches (seniors).

CGHS Netball Website http://www.sportsground.co.nz/cghsnetball/

Rifle shooting Would you like to try target shooting? The CGHS rifle shooting club meets during Terms 2 and 3 at the Bangor Street Range.

Rockclimbing Beginners are welcome. All safety instructions and correct use of equipment is given by a qualified staff member. There is also the opportunity to compete in inter-school climbing events usually held at the YMCA or the Roxx Climbing Centre.

Rowing The CGHS rowing programme is athlete focused, coach directed and parent supported. Rowing is not an easy sport. It requires commitment both in time and effort. A Learn to Row programme is offered prior to the rowing season beginning after winter, so that each student can work out if rowing is the sport for her, prior to the actual season commencement in term 4.


Rugby Rugby has become well established in the school and in last two seasons our team has won the Christchurch competition. Players must provide their own personal equipment including a mouthguard which is compulsory for all practices and games. 

Sailing Students can take part in the weekly sailing programme run at the Naval Point Yacht Club on a weekday afternoon. Sailors are able to attend various inter-secondary school training programmes and enter into competitions and regattas throughout the year.

Snow sports The school enters students in the Canterbury and South Island snow sports championships in August/September. Up to 2 ski teams and 2 snowboarding teams (4 members in a team) are selected on ability and experience from all year levels.

Squash Inter-school and local competitions are available for those interested in squash.

Swimming The school has its own swimming sports early in the first term. Place-getters in the Championship events are selected for the inter-secondary championships. Students can elect to attend the South Island Championships and Nationals.

Table Tennis Students compete in an inter-school competition.

Tennis We play teams tennis against other schools in Terms 1 and 4. Anyone can sign up. There is an opportunity for competitive players to compete in the Canterbury Secondary Schools' Championships in Term 4. CGHS compete in regional and national tournaments if the team qualifies.

Touch Touch is a fun and fast summer sport. It is a 30 minute game, played with 6 players on the field at a time, with plenty of subs on the sideline! Lots of students play touch, some in competitive teams, others choose to be in social teams with their friends.

Volleyball Volleyball is a summer sport played in Terms 1 and 4 on a weekday night. Junior teams are coached by seniors. Top teams compete in Canterbury, South Island and National tournaments.

Water Polo Water polo is a summer sport played in Terms 1 and 4. CGHS have been very successful in this sport over the last few years.

Zumba Zumba classes are held at the school to add interest to fitness training.