Outdoor Education To help beginning students bond and establish new relationships, camps are held in Year 9 near the start of the school year. Another opportunity is offered at the end of Year 10 before students enter the senior school. Curriculum areas also offer authentic learning experiences for students.

Community Service The school supports a number of nationwide events and charities. For example, students participate in World Vision's 40 Hour Famine and have raised over $50 000 for this organisation or support Pink Day, which raises funds for cancer research.

Leadership Development This starts in Year 9 and in Year 12 all students participate in a leadership programme which culminates in a myriad of leadership opportunities in Year 13.

Overseas Trips and Exchanges A number of reciprocal exchanges are offered to schools in Australia, France and Singapore. Students bienially participate in Global World Challenge. Individual learning areas also offer overseas experiences.



Differentiated programmes within the classroom start the process of academic extension. This is continued with gifted and talented workshops in the junior school and scholarship courses and multi-levelling are available for those students who seek the extra challenge at the senior level.


Christchurch Girls' High School offers opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.