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Skills Shortage Jobs: Surveying

Have you thought about a career in Surveying?

Surveyors plan, direct and conduct survey work to determine the position of boundaries, locations, topographic features and built structures. Careers in surveying include construction surveying, cadastral surveying, geographic information systems and hydrographic surveying.

There is currently a shortage of skills in this industry.

Useful school subjects include geography, maths and English.

The skills and knowledge that you will learn include:

·       knowledge of survey methods

·       the ability to interpret and use information from maps, graphic drawings and measurements taken in the field

·       knowledge of maths, particularly trigonometry

·       computer skills and the ability to use computer-aided design (CAD) software

·       good general knowledge of environmental issues, earth sciences and civil engineering

·       understanding of issues such as land rights, land ownership and boundary definitions

·       understanding of relevant legislation such as the Resource Management Act, local by-laws and town planning regulations.

Personal qualities of surveyors include:

·       patient and precise, with an eye for detail

·       adaptable, as they may work on different types of projects

·       able to work under pressure and to deadlines

·       comfortable working in an office and outdoors

·       methodical and precise when taking measurements

·       good at problem solving

·       skilled communicators and relationship managers.

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