The House system fosters school spirit, a strong sense of community and is a source of immense enjoyment and friendly rivalry among the students across the year levels.

Highlights of the calendar include swimming and athletic sports, lip sync and numerous competitive events such as House choir, netball and ripper rugby. House chants, creative costumes and hard-fought contests all help create the House spirit.

The Houses also emphasise service. An annual Can-Drive for the City Mission and one other school-wide House charity are essential components of the House system.

Our Houses


House Prefect: Anna Coppens and House Teacher: Ms Waugh
Colour: White

Helen Connon was the second Principal of the school from 1883 - 1894. She was the first woman in any British university to take an Honours degree. Miss Connon took over at a difficult time and she made many significant alterations in the running of the school.


House Prefect: Leilani Wilcox-Nanai and House Teacher: Ms Caird
Colour: Yellow

In 2003, Deans House was renamed in honour of Jane Deans, one of Christchurch's earliest settlers. Jane Deans had a significant role to play in the preservation of Deans' Bush for the people of Christchurch.


House Prefect: Lucinda Hutchinson and House Teacher: 
Colour: Red

Henry Harper was the first Bishop of Christchurch. His diocese included the whole of Canterbury, South Westland and Otago. Harper visited parishes throughout his diocese regularly, sometimes on horseback but often on foot where he would have to swim across rivers.


House Prefect: Ruby Pledge and House Teacher: Mrs Nicholls
Colour: Blue

William Rolleston came to New Zealand from Yorkshire and was at different times Education Commissioner, Provincial Secretary, Under Secretary for Native Affairs, Superintendent for Canterbury, Member of Parliament and Minister of the Crown. His initiative led to the establishing of Christchurch Girls' High School.


House Prefect: Lily Sawyer and House Teacher: Mrs James
Colour: Green

Bishop Selwyn arrived in New Zealand in 1842 as Head of the New Zealand Mission. He set up churches and missions with the help of other missionaries. As part of his role he travelled to the small islands in the Pacific and took a leading part in the constitutional and political issues on the rights of Maori.


House Prefect: Nellie Evison and House Teacher: Mrs McCleary
Colour: Purple

Kate Sheppard was the leader and main figurehead of the suffragist movement in New Zealand. New Zealand was the first country in the world to grant universal adult suffrage to men and women equally. Kate was a source of inspiration to suffragist and campaigners for equality between the sexes, both in New Zealand and throughout the world.