Student Profile – Alice Newman

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Positive, Relatable and Hard-working.


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What extracurricular activities or clubs do you participate in at school, and what do you find most enjoyable about them?

My main interests in and out of school are playing Volleyball and Netball. I am a part of the school programme for Volleyball as well as playing for a club and in the New Zealand Development space. Having the opportunity to play these sports has given me so many amazing relationships, and I have met some of my best friends through these activities. It also has given me an outlet to sometimes forget about other things I have going on. I get to just play with my friends and have some fun. I also love participating in doing services such as tutoring, coaching and umpiring. Being able to give back to my community is very important to me and my family.


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Can you describe some positive or memorable experiences you’ve had at CGHS?

One of my favourite experiences at CGHS was going up to Temple Basin for the Year 12 Biology trip. During this trip, the weather was absolutely horrible. It was stormy with lightning and thunder. Unfortunately, that meant we weren’t allowed to go outside to do our testing for the internal. But we all made the most of it and had so much fun, despite not having any service. Everyone was playing card games and singing songs, and it was such a great time. Another one of my favourite memories was the Year 9 Fashion Show with our peer supporters. It was such a great way to introduce all of us into the school and it showed me what a great culture CGHS has.


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What are your favourite subjects at school and why do you enjoy them?

Economics and Accounting are my favourite subjects in school. Before studying those subjects there were so many things that I didn’t understand in our economy and how money worked. But now I have so much knowledge and it’s really applicable to my life.