Student Profile – Evelyn King

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Thoughtful, talkative, and focussed.


Image by: CGHS


What extracurricular activities or clubs do you participate in at school, and what do you find most enjoyable about them?

I do debating and volunteering as extracurricular activities at CGHS. I love debating because I enjoy the challenge of thinking on my feet, developing arguments I may disagree with, and conversing with various other students. Similarly, I enjoy volunteering for the breadth of people it exposes me to, and the different impacts I can make in a quiet way. The volunteering opportunities offered by CGHS have ranged from Enviro-action tree plantings and being a Cantamath helper to the ‘Relay for Life’ cancer fundraising event. Other opportunities include peer tutoring and Librarian duty – most enjoyable because they allow a chance to develop connections with other students at school.

Can you describe some positive or memorable experiences you’ve had at CGHS?

There have been many memorable experiences at CGHS, from crazy experiments in the science labs to the relief of walking out of an exam I have studied hard for. The most recent, however, is the victory of Harper House at the 2024 Tabloids. After 4 years of narrow defeat, the spirit, dedication, and enthusiasm of Harper finally led us to a well-deserved win! I would like to think my AKO class contributed significantly to this triumph.

What are your favourite subjects at school and why do you enjoy them?

I really enjoy all of the subjects I take, but over my time at CGHS have most enjoyed studying classics. I love learning about ancient civilizations and identifying themes, feelings, and experiences that have long endured throughout history; the immutable nature of humanity. I also enjoy calculus, mostly because, unlike classics, there is no subjectivity. You will always know if you have done it right, or wrong.