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University Halls of Accommodation

Halls of Residence Application Process and Tips Online application for Halls of Residence open on the 1st August.

Before you begin your application

You need the following information before you start your application: –

Have decided which Halls of residence you want to apply for, you need to do some research around the options and which one is best suited to you. At some universities you can only select one where other universities may ask you to select 3 preferences.

  • Contact details of your guardian – name, address, phone number/s and email address

  • Your NSN – National Student Number 

  • Your most recent NCEA academic results (Year 12 NCEA, IB or CIE, or Year 13 results if you have been on a GAP Year).

  • Your proposed course or study e.g. Bachelor of Arts etc.

Think about how you may answer the application questions, this template represents the type of questions you can expect.

Halls of Residence Link

Register online

After the 1st August you can go to the accommodation site of the university you intend to study at. “Apply Now” and register, you will then be emailed a username and password to enable you to save and come back to your application if you need to. 


In addition to the online application students need to provide a confidential reference from their school. These are usually completed by a teacher, careers advisor, dean or principal. Find out who is writing your reference and the process that you need to undertake to get your reference sent. Please note this is a confidential reference you will not see this reference as it is sent directly to the accommodation at the university you are applying for.

Complete the online request for the Common Confidential Reference (CCRF) before the end of August. CCRF Form To do this you will need your NSN number.

Your school will need to complete your reference before 15 September. You will get an email to confirm the reference has been sent by the school. 

Complete Application before 30th September 

It is advisable to have this done by the beginning of September. Applications can be made after the 27th September but you will not be made an offer in the first round which are made around the 10th October. Make sure the application is complete as missing information will delay your application being processed or accepted.

Get someone to proofread your application before you submit your application.

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