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Your Guide to Working Holiday Visas


Check out Moneyhub’s Working Holiday Visas (WHV) Directory for Young New Zealand Citizens

Discover the exciting world of working holiday visas available to young New Zealand citizens. Our comprehensive guide covers eligibility, popular destinations, and essential tips for a successful experience abroad.

  • New Zealanders continue to travel overseas and take the classic OE, but the choices of working destination have never been so numerous.

  • Working Holiday Visa schemes, specifically set up for young adults, offer qualifying New Zealand passport holders a choice of dozens of countries to live and work in for a set period of time.

  • Our research team sourced all publicly available data and email the relevant local and foreign government departments or embassies to create a directory that we believe to be the first of its kind. Where information has been scarce, we have relied on third-party websites and information that publish guidance on Working Holiday Visas generally rather than NZ-centric rules and regulations.

  • Before applying for any visa, we suggest to read the latest terms and conditions published by the relevant embassy or consular service given information can, in some situations, change without warning.

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